Or maybe a more apt title would be "Why I Have Been So Quiet Lately". I struggle with insecurity when it comes to my dreams, passion, and ability when I try to put all of that to reality. I'm a perfectionist at heart, so if I do something, I want it to be "perfect", even … Continue reading Insecurity


Just Because…

Just because he loves me, he bought me a dozen beautiful red roses today. That'll make a girl swoon! He was being all secretive and sneaky earlier today when I picked him up for lunch (we work about 2 minutes from each other, which means we get to carpool and have lunch together - I'm┬ávery … Continue reading Just Because…

Stepping Up

My reflections on step-parenting: where is the Parenting Handbook for All Occasions?!


Meet the Greesons!

Welcome to our family! We love fiercely and protectively, and we value honest conversations (even the hard, yucky stuff). Our tapestry of life is intricately woven by the One who gives life - the Author and Perfector of our faith. Without God, we would be a verifiable mess swathed in chaos. And I'm not being … Continue reading Meet the Greesons!