Just Because…

flowersJust because he loves me, he bought me a dozen beautiful red roses today. That’ll make a girl swoon!

He was being all secretive and sneaky earlier today when I picked him up for lunch (we work about 2 minutes from each other, which means we get to carpool and have lunch together – I’m very grateful for this!), so I started buggin’ him. We’re big on not having any secrets between us. He kept telling me, “It’s a surprise! Let me do this!”

In my natural state of curiosity and “vague” impatience, I pushed a bit more. This resulted in a lot of sputters and hand flailing. It was very entertaining for me!

And when I asked him why he bought the flowers, his reason was “just because.” He didn’t need to fill in the blank. “Just because” has been rolling around in my head tonight.

I love that love needs no reason to be kind other than “just because”.

I love that surprises can happen “just because”.

I love that we hold hands and snuggle “just because”.

I love that the reason behind a spontaneous adventure is “just because”.

I love our story together because of these moments of “just because”.



One thought on “Just Because…

  1. I am so happy to see the two of you blossom and grow together as a couple. It is my hope that as you spread your happiness that people who lost faith in Love, will find it again. Love is like Angels, and hug us all the time.


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